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A one-stop shop for custom signage

Do you need signs for your business? If so, there’s actually quite a lot to consider.

For a start, your signs must match your brand. And because you probably need several kinds — for company cars; for outside your building; for inside your building, etc. — all your signage must be consistent.

Engaging several sign suppliers for different types of signage creates a lot of work — it can be a logistical nightmare. And everyone interprets things differently. So, you’ll most likely get inconsistencies, which, of course, reflects poorly on your brand.

We’ll manage your whole project — nationwide

This is why we provide a one-stop shop for custom signage — you’ll have just one point of contact and your signs will be consistent with both your brand and each other. And it doesn’t matter where you are in New Zealand — we work with businesses nationwide, even in Australia.

From concept to installation

We can supply almost any sign you need (please view our portfolio). But that’s not all — we’ll also manage your whole signage project from the initial concept to final installation.

Part of the architecture

Signs must integrate with a building; be part of the overall architecture.

So, as sign suppliers, we don’t focus just on a sign’s graphics. We also pay particular attention to its shape and aesthetic appeal — remember, your signs must integrate with your building, not look like an odd addition.

This is why architects include us when discussing signage as part of the overall design process.  We offer suggestions; give reasons for our recommendations; explain installation and highlight any problems we anticipate — it’s a team effort.

A wealth of experience

We’ve been in business now since 1998. So, over the years we’ve gained a wealth of experience. And our customers appreciate that we provide sound advice instead of just waiting for instructions. After all, why engage a sign supplier if you can’t fully make use of their expertise?

To learn more about us, please visit our Who we are page.

Professional project management

The many processes involved in signage might surprise you. As well as the design process, there is also fabrication, electrical, painting and many other elements.

We do much of the work in our North Shore workshop. However, there are usually many other people involved — the client, the architect and trades people — so, as sign suppliers, good communication and project-management skills are essential.

Get in touch

Do you need signage? We’ll ensure brand consistency and save you time by managing your whole project. Get in touch now — we look forward to talking to you.


With a wealth of knowledge and skill sets spanning fabrication, display, signage, project management, product design, graphics management and application, and a comprehensive installation offer - we are unique in the New Zealand marketplace. We are feet on the ground, practical and focused...with a fair splash of creativity added in to keep things interesting.




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