Westfield Group - 277 re-brand

The Westfield Group boasts one of the largest shopping centre portfolios in the world. They have shopping centres in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Creating an upmarket shopping experience

Global Signage Westfield 4Auckland’s Newmarket is a premium shopping location. So, when Westfield’s took over 277 Shopping Centre in Newmarket, they wanted a look that was fitting for the location — a look more upmarket than average Westfield sites; something a bit different.

So, Westfield released a tender for the re-branding of 277 and we, along with many other signage companies, put forward an estimated cost for the scope of the work.

We expected Westfield to narrow the field to the best signage companies and then provide a more detailed briefing for what they required.

However, on this occasion, they contacted us and asked if we’d be prepared to work alongside them, rather than going to tender and having to quote against other signage companies.

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Yes-men not required

Westfield wanted to work with a signage company that was creative and could advise on the best solutions.

We were proactive in coming up with different solutions to their signage needs and challenges.  


What we supplied

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The signage package we developed for the 277 site included 3D acrylic logos, 3D illumination and various light boxes for parking signs, etc.

Some of the signage was supplied in the traditional Westfield 3D red. However, in keeping with the required premium look, other signage required more flair.

At most Westfield locations, there is usually a red Westfield logo at the entrances. However, for 277, we supplied polished 3D stainless steel letters. And instead of red for directional signage, black was used for a slicker look.

We have all the tools required for most signage jobs. So, for 277, all the signage was manufactured at our North Shore workshop. We find that having the ability to do most of the manufacturing in house gives us tight control over quality.

The challenges

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Like all projects, there were challenges. We needed to cause as little disruption to shoppers as possible; so much of the work was carried out at night or in weekends. Also, we needed a crane to install some of the signage, which involved cordoning off Broadway, the main road through Newmarket.

Great results

It was a very rewarding project, Westfield was flexible to our suggestions and were really excited about the end result. The process was trouble-free with very little disruption to the shopping centre.”


With a wealth of knowledge and skill sets spanning fabrication, display, signage, project management, product design, graphics management and application, and a comprehensive installation offer - we are unique in the New Zealand marketplace. We are feet on the ground, practical and focused...with a fair splash of creativity added in to keep things interesting.




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