Viridian Glass: Growing Out Of Their Shell

Viridian Glass 1Viridian Glass, have been producing high-quality, glass products for New Zealand customers since 1949.  The company recently merged with Euroglass in 2012, to provide a fully-inclusive product, and has since been experiencing significant growth.  Following the company merger, the need was realised to amalgamate three Auckland-based production facilities, with a focus on increasing efficiency, reliability, and production.  As a result, the decision was made to make the move from their three Auckland factories into one, based in Highbrook, Auckland. 

The move meant an expansion on Viridian Glass’ existing building, where Viridian Glass would welcome a skilled Architect and an experienced signage team, who could produce high-quality signage that was in line with Viridian Glass’ style and existing building signage.  The Architect, who has worked closely with Global Signage Concepts for a number of years on various projects, recommended Global Signage Concepts to Viridian Glass on the back of a long list of happy clients.

Global Signage Concepts was appointed to the project in March 2016, following an extensive consultation process with Viridian Glass to ensure that the project was fully scoped and agreed upon.  The wide range of signage for the large-scale project included illuminated 3D signage, router-cut signage, wayfinder (or directional) signage, dispatch signage, plinth signage, and finally the flagship piece, which was mounted onto the roadside entrance of the building.

The three-month long process was completed in June 2016, and Viridian Glass successfully moved their three Auckland factories into the Highbrook location, while the finishing touches were being put in place.  Viridian Glass are thriving in the new facility, which fosters increased production, efficiency, and a notable cost-reduction in facility costs.

On top of the signage production, Global Signage Concepts guided Viridian Glass through the entire project.  The consultation process included recommendations for specific signage elements, material usage, the production and installation process, and milestones and timelines.  Global Signage Concepts also worked with third parties to negotiate the installation of signage around the building, and in particular, one challenging flagship piece for the building, which required months of consultation and planning with the construction team to successfully install, on top of the original schedule.

Global Signage Concepts is now drawing the attention of international brands in Australia, for instance Daikin, who is looking to establish a flagship showroom here on our shores in the near future.  Daikin saw the Viridian Glass project as something to aspire to, and were further impressed with other high-profile projects which Global Signage Concepts had undertaken.

Viridian Glass 2About Viridian Glass New Zealand

Viridian Glass, a leading provider of residential and commercial glass in New Zealand, was founded in 1949, and has over 250 employees, spanning 14 nationwide locations.  They provide premium glass services and cover everything from energy efficient double glazing, shower screens, splashbacks, pool fences and balustrades through to Euroglass premium fittings and installation.

Following their successful joint venture with Euroglass in 2012, Viridian Glass continued to strengthen their position in New Zealand over the years, and in early 2015 announced the move from its two processing sites at Mount Wellington and Auckland Airport to a purpose-built facility at Highbrook.  The new factory was planned to be situated next to the existing factory at Highbrook, which specialises in producing insulated glass units for windows, doors and facades.

Growth Leads to Expansion

Viridian Glass’ decision to amalgamate three Auckland factories into a single prime location, meant that it would be necessary for brand new high-quality signage to be created and implemented, in line with their existing signage and style.  The existing building, which was already tenanted by Viridian Glass, and was still relatively new, needed to be expanded to accommodate the extra machinery and factory production facilities.  It was necessary that the new signage would need to reflect their strong position within the Industrial Park and substantial position within the NZ-Wide Glass Industry.

Viridian Glass had been working closely with their Architect since the conceptual stage of the project, coordinating the development of the expansion.  Viridian Glass requested recommendations from their Architect for a top selection of signage producers available in New Zealand.   Top of mind for the Architect was Global Signage Concepts, who had been working on a range of projects with the same Architect for a number of years.  In their time together they have implemented many high-quality, high-profile projects together; one notable project being the DTR corporate signage project, which captured the eyes of luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co, H&M, and Crabtree & Evelyn, to name but a few.

Global Signage Concepts was recommended to Viridian Glass for a number of reasons, including their high-quality finish, ability to identify potential challenges in the scope and their skilled team of producers and installers, who excel with large-scale projects; key attributes that would set them apart from the competition, vying for the Viridian Glass project.

Accordingly, Viridian Glass spent some time researching the range of Global Signage Concepts’ past work and client base to determine whether Global Signage Concepts would be the right fit for the style of signage that Viridian Glass required.   In the past, Global Signage Concepts managed to secure national and international contracts because of their ability to involve clients in the process from inception to completion.  Global Signage Concepts’ continued ability to deliver on promises and build strong relationships with clients and third party contractors allows them to own the space they have created in the signage industry.  Global Signage Concepts’ portfolio of high-profile, high-quality work has scored them similar projects in the past with clients such as Sony, Vodafone, and Air New Zealand reflecting the high-quality finish and longevity that Global Signage Concepts delivers, while Pita Pit and DTR show off the complexity that they are is accustomed to.

Viridian Glass 3Investing in Confidence

Following the Architect’s recommendation and Viridian Glass’s own research into Global Signage Concepts’ reputation, Global Signage Concepts were commissioned to scope the project at the end of 2015.  Global Signage Concepts spent the necessary time alongside Viridian Glass to ensure the work was fully and correctly scoped, ensuring all necessary signage, styles, and quantities were covered.   Once the project was fully specified and Viridian Glass was comfortable with the recommendations, Global Signage Concepts provided a full project timeline with costs to Viridian Glass.

In March 2016, Global Signage Concepts was given the ‘go ahead’ for the implementation of the signage and the team wasted no time, getting production underway for the large-scale project.  Signage deliverables included a range of illuminated 3D signage, router-cut signage, wayfinder (or directional) signage, dispatch signage, plinth signage, and finally, the flagship piece, which is mounted onto the roadside entrance of the building.

Viridian Glass was grateful for the guidance provided by Global Signage Concepts throughout the entire project, including recommendations for signage and materials usage, detailed process plans outlining production and installation milestones and timelines.

Future for Glass Company

The three-month long process was completed in June 2016. Viridian Glass successfully moved their three Auckland factories into the single main production facility, while the finishing touches were being put in place.  Viridian Glass is now thriving in the new facility which fosters increased production, efficiency, and a notable cost-reduction in facility costs.

Viridian Glass 4Global Signage Concepts remarked how easy Viridian Glass was to work with, saying trust played a powerful part in installing the signage efficiently and to a high standard.  Viridian Glass’ high level of trust in Global Signage Concepts’ abilities and experience contributed to the smoothness and efficiency of the project execution.  Even with the stringent health and safety requirements, Viridian Glass made the installation process as smooth and clear as possible, notifying Global Signage Concepts of requirements and standards prior to the team arriving on site to install.
No matter how many times we get the nod to get stuck in with these types of projects, we always get excited and enjoy the thrill of the challenge.  Large-scale projects always bring complexity, but we enjoy bringing big and ambitious plans to life to create high-quality signage solutions that will last the test of time.”

Global Signage Concepts is now drawing the attention of international brands in Australia, including Daikin, who is looking to establish a flagship store here in New Zealand in the near future, and saw the Viridian Glass project as something similar to what they would aspire to achieve.

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