Re-branding for Hewlett Packard

Global Signage Hewlett Packard 1Since starting as a two-man operation in 1939, Hewlett Packard has become one of the world’s leading technology companies.

When Hewlett Packard took over a company called EDS, they needed to re-brand the EDS buildings to Hewlett Packard.

The first location to be re-branded was at Smales Farm Technology Office Park on Auckland’s North Shore.

Having been a good client for several years, Smales Farm Management told us the re-branding was taking place.

So, we contacted the project management company responsible for the re-brand and, on the strength of our relationship with Smales Farm Management, we were able to submit a proposal. Subsequently, our proposal was accepted.

This project led to work in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and then Australia.

Global Signage Hewlett Packard 2What we supplied

A variety of signage was supplied, including 3D signage, way-finder signs and illuminated signs.

At the same time, Hewlett Packard was in the process of a re-branding process themselves.  So, we also supplied re-branded illuminated signage for their head office at Auckland’s Viaduct.

The process

We have all the tools required for most signage projects. This enables us to manufacture in house and maintain a tight control on quality.

So, with this project, all the signage was manufactured in out North Shore workshop and then shipped around the country for our contractors to install.

Global Signage Hewlett Packard 4The challenge

Many of our clients ask us to advise them on the best signage to use. However, with Hewlett Packard, there were strict guidelines outlined in a branding manual. So, it was important that the guidelines were followed in meticulous detail.

We also had to work in an office environment during office hours,  so ensured there was minimal disruption to office staff.”

The project expands to Australia

When the Australasian property manager visited Auckland, she commented on how fantastic the signage looked. She’d also heard about how seamless the process had been. She was keen to replicate the process in Australia, so she asked us to provide signage for Hewlett Packard in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Hewlett Packard in Melbourne required the new branding; in Adelaide they needed a large EDS sign removed from the top of a tall office building and replaced with a Hewlett Packard sign.

To remove the sign in Adelaide, we hired the largest crane in Australia.

Global Signage Hewlett Packard 3Again, all signage was manufactured in our workshop and then packed into crates and shipped.

When working in another country, it’s important to have relationships with contractors we can trust — they know the local conditions and regulations.

In the crates, instruction manuals were included. Then once the crates arrived at their locations, we talked the jobs through with our contractors.


Fantastic results

Hewlett Packard was thrilled with the result — they thought the signage looked fantastic and, just as importantly, there was minimal disruption to their business.

The success of this project resulted in us being asked to submit a proposal to re-brand Hewlett Packard throughout Australia, which was a huge vote of confidence. 


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