A Relationship Built to Last

DTR Store Front 1DTR is a long-established and well-known, New Zealand consumer brand with key offerings in retail and product finance and a history stretching back to 1962.  In recent years DTR has been relentlessly innovating and expanding their core offering to meet changing consumer demands and responding to increasing levels of competition in both the retail and finance markets.

In 2015, DTR made the decision to update both their corporate identity and retail store presence to reinforce their core brand values and to communicate the modern and adaptive nature of the brand to its target market.  A corporate rebranding exercise and retail refit is no small undertaking for a large, established brand, especially one with 23 nationwide, retail locations. 

With retail management experience spanning 54 years, the team at DTR were well aware that the success of the rebranding project, would rely on the strength of key suppliers, to execute the ambitious project with both speed and precision.  DTR have enjoyed a successful working relationship with Global Signage Concepts, who they have used as their signage provider of choice for 8 years.  

When the time came to set the wheels in motion, DTR turned to its trusted signage partner Global Signage Concepts to get the job done.  Global Signage Concept’s practical and unpretentious processes and their experience with large-scale and often complex, signage projects, has helped to position them as a leading signage provider and put them at the top of the list of signage companies for many of New Zealand’s top consumer brands and retailers.

Despite the many challenges and the scale of the project, Global Signage Concepts, with the confidence of the client, completed the project to a tight deadline and to an exceptionally high standard, with minimum disruption to retail operations. 

The results of the project speak for themselves and have helped to win Global Signage Concepts the recent attention of a number of high-profile, retail operations including such esteemed, luxury, brands including H&M, Tiffany’s, and RM Williams, to name but a few.

DTR Store Front 2About DTR

DTR is a proudly New Zealand-owned business and has been serving Kiwis since 1962.  DTR has developed a nationwide chain of 23 stores that caters to both domestic and business customers. DTR has a strongly held belief that everyone is welcome at DTR - This idea drives everything they do, from hiring staff, to creating loyal customers, to building relationships with suppliers.  

DTR’s corporate signage and instore environments are a carefully crafted representation of the DTR brand values and require tight adherence to brand standards and a flawless and professional execution.

Widening Horizon Leads to Rebrand

DTR had its early beginnings back in the 1960’s and has been around since the first days of television in New Zealand.  A lot has been achieved over the years.  Fast forward 53 years to 2016 and the company now stretches from Whangarei to Invercargill and offers everything from whiteware, to mobile phones, to finance.
Shifts in consumer trends, technology and growing competition in some core markets was met by DTR with a series of clear and decisive responses.  The addition of new product and service lines saw the introduction of new finance options and sub-brands such as ‘easi-own’, which enables consumers to purchase new or pre-owned products, along with cash loans and rental options under the sub-brand ‘easi-rent’.

To reflect the extension of DTR offerings, a growing customer base, and a stable economy, DTR decided it was the right time to rebrand and revamp their retail sites around New Zealand.  To get the job done DTR needed a reputable signage company, who they could trust to carry out the signage installation across their 23 retail stores.

DTR Store Front 3Global Signage Concepts Takes Up The Challenge

Global Signage Concepts has enjoyed working with DTR since 2008. In this time, Global Signage Concepts have been able to demonstrate their market-leading expertise and straightforward approach to signage projects.  Over the years, DTR and Global Signage Concepts have developed a strong and trusted working relationship.  DTR’s confidence in Global Signage Concepts made it an extremely easy decision to give them the contract for the national rebrand and signage project.

Once the signage concepts for the stores had been approved, Global Signage Concepts wasted no time and set to work on the signage fabrication work, in preparation for the nationwide signage installation project.

During the project, a key focus for Global Signage Concepts team was to create a smooth and seamless transition, replacing all store signage with the new signage assets, all the while reducing any potential disruption for the DTR store teams and retail operations.  To achieve this, Global Signage Concepts worked closely with store management around the installation process and installation timing.  Global Signage Concepts clearly understood the effect that the project could have on the stores during the refit and so importance was placed on ensuring that individual Store Managers were well-informed and consulted about the times and dates that the installers would be on site.

Within a few short months all 23 stores were refitted with DTR’s new corporate signage. The signage installation carefully considered each store’s unique building architecture to ensure DTR’s signage had maximum visibility and achieved the right aesthetic balance for the client’s brand.

Both the client and the Global Signage Concepts team were very pleased with the quality of finish on the signage deliverables and installation work.  Both the speed and relatively low-levels of disruption to store operations were also noted and added to the success of the project.

The team at GSC understand that a strong and established working relationship often makes agreeing signage concepts and planning installations run smoothly, especially on such a large scale project. The level of trust we enjoy with the client means we can just get on with the job and focus on getting a really good result and can often complete the project ahead of schedule”.

Results Speak For Themselves

The DTR Team were so pleased with the corporate rebranding and signage project that they have since referred a number of new clients to Global Signage Concepts.  DTR have been enjoying strong retail sales performance since the roll out of the rebranding and signage project and the signage work has significantly contributed in creating an updated and fresh feel for the DTR stores and providing a contemporary and engaging retail environment.

DTR Store Front 4The corporate signage project was completed in March 2016, just in time for Easter retail sales. Since the signage project was completed, business for DTR continues to grow, which signals more potential future stores on the horizon.  The high standard of the completed signage has helped increase the strength of DTR and Global Signage Concepts’ partnership.

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